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Customize Your Project with CNC & Laser Engraving

They say that 'a carpenter is only as good as his tools." At Open Grain, we have them all. Open Grain does custom inlays, image engravings, glass etching, and custom company signage. We go above and beyond to offer unique, quality solutions to serve all of our clients' commercial and residential woodworking projects. 

CNC Router Carving & Etching

Our CNC has a 12×4 material capacity, 360-degree carving capability, and 4th axis Rotary Spindle. We are able to carve 2D and 3D designs, etch glass, do sab surfacing, and create veneer patterns.

Laser-150W Engraving & Cutting

Our laser’s 55″ x 3G” work area, 0pen ended 4-way pass through, and ability to perform oversized increment engravings make it a versatile tool in our customization arensal. 

Digital Design Capabilities

To best serve your custom woodworking projects, we have 3D scanning capabilities, CAD software, as well as, the ability to use wide variety of 2D or 3D art files as well.

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Our Woodworking Tools help us tackle all projects

Automated Edge Banding Machine

Open Grain’s automated edge banding machine allows us to conquer large woodworking challenges. The banding machine can apply veneer or laminate banding at 16 feet per minute and cut, trim, or polish banding flush to material.

Straight Line Rip Saw

The rip saw will rip solid wood plywood to fit size specification within an accuracy of up to .001 of an inch across 10’. We are able to do this with most Building materials. Please contact us to for information. 


We can work with solid wood, plywood, high density urethane (HDU), PVC, acrylic, plastic, foamboard, and more. We often use multiple materials in one project. 

Wide belt sander Louisville, KY

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Commercial CNC Laser Etching For All Kinds Of Products

Every day inside our Commercial CNC and laser workshop, you can find our craftsmen producing cutting-edge detail and precision for even the most complex patterns or shapes. With access to industry-leading Commercial CNC machines, there isn’t a product we can’t etch.

In our menu of wood laser engraving options, we offer custom inlay, company signage, image engraving, and so much more. Our diverse experience allows us to create custom coasters, signs, bookends, sculptures, and all sorts of other designs. Chances are, if you can think of it, we can customize it.

Plus, to make sure we’re on the same page from day one, we ask all of our customers to send a description of the product they have in mind. For clarity, we ask for any photos, drawings, and other supporting documents you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have a complete vision; we’ll keep you in the loop from design to completion to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your product.

Proven Team Of Commercial CNC Woodworkers & Craftsmen

When it comes to woodworking, especially for products intended to be showcased in your business, you only want to work with the best. With decades of experience behind our diverse team of woodworkers and craftsmen, you can expect nothing short of perfection at every step of the manufacturing process.

As a company at the perfect intersection of woodworking passion and expertise, we believe each and every one of our products to be one of a kind. You’ll find no mediocrity in these parts, from our craftsmen to our communication team. To guarantee you end up with your vision, we commit to transparency as much as we do craftsmanship.

How To Work With Us

Step 1: Get In Touch

The first step to working with us is getting in touch with your idea. While the easiest way to let us know your product details is through our online submission form, you can also reach us via phoneemail, and at our physical location in Louisville.

Step 2: Give Us Your Blessing

After connecting with you and gaining a crystal clear idea of your product vision, we’ll let you know how we can help. If you’re happy with our proposed solution, timeline, and price, all we need is your A‑okay to get started.

Step 3: Enjoy Your One-Of-A-Kind Product

Once manufacturing is complete (we’ll keep you in the loop the entire time), all that’s left is to do is celebrate! In other words, showcase your new custom product for all to see!

Custom Commercial CNC Routing in Louisville, Kentucky

Decorate your business with professionally engraved wooden products, expertly designed and crafted to fit your style.

Commercial CNC Router Woodworking for Custom Products

Open Grain’s custom wood commercial CNC cutting is the perfect solution for your stylish business designs. The computerized operation means we can fit any design or shape of what you may need with no limits. We can produce high volumes of unique, custom products in minimal time.

Laser-cut products are the perfect way to translate personal style into truly unique wooden product or unique business decor to light up a room.

At Open Grain Woodwork, we’re known for engraving woodwork like no one else. From custom signage, displays, or artwork, our team takes pride in the smallest details to make a show-stopping piece for your business.

We are Your First Choice for Commercial CNC and Custom Woodworking in Louisville

There are three things that a stellar wood product should have behind it: an experienced team, a personal vision, and complete manufacturing transparency. At Open Grain Woodwork, we’re proud to say that our products check all three of these boxes. Because of that, we’re confident in saying that we are the leading custom woodworking service in Louisville and beyond.

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How Much Does Commercial CNC Routing and Laser Engraving Cost?

In working with us, you can expect a one-of-a-kind product. With this in mind, we price every order differently depending on the specific work that needs to be done. But don’t worry; for complete transparency, we’ll make sure you’re completely aware of all pricing before we get to work.

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