Open Grain is comprised of a select team of woodworkers and craftsmen from the Louisville area.  We are a motley assortment of different talents and tastes, each of us bringing our own unique style to the table.  But where we align is in our love of woodworking and our passion to innovate.  Together we strive to provide the very best custom experience and deliver our customers something truly special.


Chances are that if you’re beginning a custom design, you’ll be meeting with Josh.  He handles our potential leads and estimates, ensuring that each customer’s needs on a particular project are established clearly from the beginning.  Josh also blueprints our work digitally down to the millimeter and can even provide a 3D rendering so you can see the finished product well before the wood ever hits the saw. 


John acts as production manager throughout the studio.  His job is to keep processes moving and ensure that every craftsman has everything they need to stay productive.  John is also our on-site supervising craftsman.  So if your project is one that requires an install or similar work, he’ll be there to verify that everything is done to Open Grain Woodwork’s standards of unrivaled excellence.


Jake is in charge of computer operations at Open Grain.  Beyond acting as an IT specialist for devices around the shop, he also provides any graphic design work for custom projects.  Additionally, Jake is the resident CNC and laser engraving operator.  This entails a wide range of different projects and procedures: from personalized barrel head engravings to large scale product manufacturing.


The final process can make or break a project.  Sid’s clear coating skills and eye for detail guarantee that every project that leaves our building is looking its best.  Sid has an uncanny talent for bringing out the best in a wood species with the right choice of finishes.  And as for restoring old antiques, he is unsurpassed in his color blending abilities, so your project comes out looking better than the day it was bought.


Neal is the lead craftsman here at the studio.  His artistic talents and problem solving skills are the foundation for navigating our most demanding projects.  He is a proverbial jack of all trades, displaying expertise across the entire facility, with a multitude of different tools and techniques.  Between fabricating custom furniture or working alongside Sid, it’s hard to say what you’ll find Neal doing on any given day.  


With sawyer experience under his belt, Eric is tasked with feeding the various production lines.  This takes the form of milling material down to project specifications, planed and joined to perfection.  He is a strong and capable craftsman, assisting individuals throughout the studio.  If there’s a task that requires an extra set of hands, then he’s the man for the job.

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