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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to Learn more about custom woodworking?

No! Come to our craftsmen with an existing design, an example, or simply an idea. Our talented and experienced team partners with you to craft your woodworking vision. We love sharing woodworking ideas and tackling new challenges. Not sure where to begin? You don’t have to have all the answers to start crafting with our creators! Submit a product request to start the conversation.

We can design and craft a completely custom woodworking project. Popular requests include the following: 

  • Logos 
  • Polyethylene inlays 
  • Custom cabinet facings & custom cabinet doors 
  • Custom tabletops
  • Furniture detailing 
  • Glass sketching 

Our team is highly skilled in CNC router operation and laser technology which enables us to craft and customize from a wide range of materials. Find examples of our custom woodworking furniture and other projects in our Brag Book. 

We utilize SketchUp Pro for 3D projects and Adobe Illustrator for 2D drawings. We can import .ai, .eps, vector-based PDFs, .dwg and more. Contact us if you have specific questions about our design or customization capabilities.

A typical commercial project can be completed in 6-8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. We always set expectations accurately once the project is fully scoped. Our projects are typically first-come, first-served, but if a hard deadline is in place that can’t be moved we will work with you to see if there is any way to complete the project within your time frame. 

As woodworkers and craftsmen at our core, wood is our primary medium. We select the wood for your project based on the requirements of the planned use. We consult with you to determine what fits your vision aesthetically and suits durability and functional needs.

Despite the ‘grain’ in our name though, our creators can have experience with vast materials, finishes, and tools. We can scratch glass, laser and carve wood or metal, or cut acrylic using either CNC and laser technology. Our CNC router can also scratch designs onto glass. Our tools enable us to achieve a polished, clear or a more organic look. We do not work extensively with metals, except for aluminum and brass engraving. 

Our expertise in high density urethane (HDU), which is weather-resistant and allows for intricate carvings. We can also use polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) to create stencils and work with reclaimed wood on a case-by-case basis. Other sealants, stains, or finishes are also available. 

From luxury retail displays to custom furniture for dozens of locations, we are prepared to manage small or large projects. We have experience working on custom woodworking projects for commercial and residential businesses across the United States. As an idea of the types of project we often complete, but are in no way limited to crafting, see below: 

  • Commercial furniture services 
  • Custom cabinetry 
  • Residential custom furniture 
  • Commercial bar furniture & bar stools 
  • Custom office furniture like custom desks & custom shelving 

Our proficiency in a range of tools enables us to cater to your specific custom manufacturing requirements. Our inventory includes a dual head belt sander with a width of 43 inches, a CNC Router, a laser engraver, and an edge banding machine that operates at a speed of 60 feet per minute. We take pride in our ability to create and modify tools to meet your needs. 

We can ship and schedule delivery for your project. We have the capability to palletize or prepare your project for shipping. Beyond delivery, we can arrange installation as needed. To guarantee your satisfaction with our services, we generate a bill of lading and conduct follow-up for delivery and installation.

Yes! We collaborate with other businesses in the field of metal fabrication. Our team has worked alongside a well-known architect named Peter Zumthor from the Swiss Alps. Zumthor specializes in creating exquisite stone furniture, paving, and outdoor features that are handmade and can enhance the beauty of any space. Additionally, we have a relationship with a custom metal table base design company who compliments our wood tables exceptionally well. We are always open to new ideas and materials!

Our products are sourced from organizations that possess a Certificate of Conformity (COC), which collaborates with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to encourage the responsible management of global forests. The Green Certificate from Smith Creek has recognized the FSC for its recycling efforts of more than one million pounds of wood waste each year. In order to promote environmental stewardship and improvement, we support its efforts in repurposing and reusing wood products  or debris.

Local to Louisville. Loved across the United States.

Feel like a local no matter the needs of your woodworking project. Open Grain’s customer service and custom craftsmanship bring quality and pride to areas beyond Louisville, KY. We want you to feel as much pride in our work as we do. Contact us to get started on your project. 

Get The Custom Commercial Furniture of Your Dreams

Step 1: Get in Touch
with the Team

Send us a description of your project and any images, design plans, examples, or other materials to get started. Then tell us about the space where your project will live. We’ll go over your vision and make suggestions for your project.

Step 2: Masterpiece in
the Making

Once we ensure your satisfaction with the design, we get working on your project. We manufacture all our custom woodwork in our Kentucky-based workshop, where our skilled craftsmen put their renowned craftsmanship to work.

Step 3: Uniqueness
is Delivered

When you choose the wood artisans at Open Grain Woodwork, you can count on our commitment to quality. Our goal is to make each piece unforgettable, while matching your existing design aesthetic. Get started today.

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