Custom Design & Fabrication

Custom Design & Fabrication

At Open Grain, our skilled craftsmen have a deep passion for producing one-of-a-kind pieces, ranging from traditional designs to contemporary architectural masterpieces…and everything in between that you can imagine! We harmoniously blend timeless artisan techniques with cutting-edge yet customized advancements in technology to empower your imagination, enabling us to craft any bespoke item that perfectly caters to your requirements. 
Open Grain’s unwavering commitment to woodworking and drive for innovation guarantees you an unparalleled custom design and fabrication journey, culminating in a truly exceptional end product. Whether you need custom architectural manufacturing solutions for commercial conference tables for your office spaces, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

Get the conversation started...

Step 1: Get In Touch with the team

Send us a description of vour proiect and any images, design plans, examples, or other materials to get started. Then tell us about the space where your project will live. We’ll go over your vision and make suggestions for your project.

Step 2: Masterpiece in the making

Once we ensure vour satisfaction with the design, we get working on your project. We manufacture all our custom woodwork in our Kentucky-based workshop, where our skilled craftsmen but their renowned craftsmanship to work.

Step 3: uniqueness is delivered

When you choose the wood artisans at Open Grain Woodwork, you can count on our commitment to quality. Our goal is to make each piece unforgettable, while matching your existing design aesthetic. Get started today.