the process

“It all starts with a good customer with good ideas.”

Commissioning fine crafted furniture for your home or office is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This process also adds a level of appreciation, brings attention to detail, and tells a story that will live with your piece for generations. It’s hard to find a place where you can formulate your ideas, needs, and aesthetic values to mold a perfect composition. Congratulations, you just found one.

First things first, call me, e-mail me, shoot me a text, or submit a client contact form located on the contact page. Next, we will soon begin collaboration toward a unique and hand crafted furnishing or ornamentation for your home or office. I will listen and observe your vision and intentions for the completed piece of furniture. Then, I can direct you through selecting a suitable species of wood, hardware, and finish to fit the objective. This will lend enough insight to move forward with a quote and decide if I’m your answer to the fight against over glorified cardboard objects that have become the low acceptable standard.

Once you are confident Open Grain Woodwork is right for you, I ask for a 50% deposit to secure a space on the studio calendar. A 3-d rendering will soon follow for your insight and approval. The rendering can be viewed from any home computer or personal device once the required software or app is loaded free of charge. If digital viewing is not your thing, I would be happy to print snapshots of the rendering and mail them or meet you personally if capable. Your deposit also begins wood selection and milling. I carefully select the highest quality of hardwood and in some cases have trees custom milled for your design. This is a process that is time consuming and essential to the overall quality of the piece to ensure beautifully consistent grain patterns and color. When all the necessary provisions of lumber selection are made, your materials are brought into the studio to acclimate to indoor conditions. Once your materials show steady moisture content readings over a period of time, and quit warping around, the real fun begins.

Most customers are emotionally invested in their project and enjoy occasional progress updates. All clients are welcome to visit the studio, follow our social media, or simply glance at the calendar. I take routine pictures and would be happy to share them in any manner convenient for the customer.

The remaining balance will be due upon completion, plus any shipping and delivery fees that occur. Completion times depend on the complexity and details of your project. Generally 12-36 weeks is expected. I will review our schedule and project specifications in order to give you an estimated time of completion. However, I prioritize the quality and craftsmanship of your piece over any time table and do not guarantee completion times. This will ensure a custom furniture or woodworking experience that is well worth the wait.