We provide a wide range of services including:

Handcrafted Furniture
Custom Cabinets
• Repair & Refinish
• Specialty Wood Products

Open Grain Woodwork, in Louisville KY, specializes in custom crafted heirloom quality furniture, cabinets, woodworking, and ornamentation. Great care and attention for the customer accompanied by skilled craftsmanship are the key elements of success. It’s a company where all things are possible, only to be limited by imagination and budget. With the right amount of investment and dedication most visions can be satisfied.

With an emphasis on hand crafted and the use of traditional techniques, the final finish of all Open Grain furniture and products is far superior than any machine dependent laborer can provide. While machines are valued for backbreaking unskilled labor processes, all joinery, surfacing, and precision details are accomplished by hand. The use of time tested hand tools gives the craftsman control over tolerance levels up to a .001 of an inch. Establishing a near perfect fit, contour, and surface are just a few of the components that ensure the highest of craftsmanship for our customers.

Anybody can pick up a sander, plug it in and get mediocre results. Very few can wield a hand plane to achieve excellence. If you are tired of accepting robot poop as furniture, you’ve come to the right place. A place where standards are elevated and expectations are exceeded. I look forward to hearing from you.