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Welcome to the home of all your premium woodworking needs.  Open Grain Woodwork is locally owned and operated in Louisville, KY, priding itself with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and quality; raising the bar for fine-crafted carpentry’s role in everyday life.  We specialize in handmade furniture, antique restoration, and customized projects.  No matter how obscure or demanding your ideas may be, our studio is well equipped to handle a wide array of creative tasks.  Contact us today and bring luxury and style into your home.

"An investment" describes it best. Skilled craftsmanship sets the guarantee of a piece that you will never have to replace. Any furnishing skillfully crafted from solid hardwood can handle day to day use, climate change, or neglect. Just like the antiques in your grandmother’s living room, your project is designed and fabricated with the intentions of needing repairs over the course of its life. Because its gonna be around awhile. There are very few ways to invest in quality furniture or woodwork for your dwelling, this is one of them.